The Latest Canadian Online Bingo Aspects of Drop Pots

Fans of online Bingo in Canada will be excited to hear that Pragmatic Play is at it again, this time with even more opportunities to win. After launching Beachball Blast, an online Bingo Canada offering with a decidedly summery vibe, the company revealed an even more intriguing development. The new feature, dubbed Drop Pots, is expected to take the Bingo world by storm because it offers players more opportunities to win than ever before.

Drop Pots is a more complex concept than it first appears, with three progressive jackpots available throughout the day. A representative from Pragmatic Play said that it is one of the most exciting ideas they have ever had and that it will be loved by both operators and players.


Permit me to zoom in a bit closer.


Three Levels of Success

It seems that there are three tiers of payments available in a Drop Pot game: Mini, Midi, and Maxi. Each has its own set of payout conditions, with the Mini and Midi both being eligible for multiple wins in a single day. The amount of money awarded from each Drop Pot is, of course, up to the discretion of the service provider.


It appears that the Maxi jackpot is won at random, while the Mini and Midi jackpots can be won by increasing the ball call, and the Mini and Midi jackpots are tied to certain ball calls. Since it is, once again, up to the provider to decide how exactly to offer the prizes to online Bingo Canada participants, the specifics were not made apparent.


The Pragmatic Play network membership of the provider is a prerequisite for participation. Players must also verify that the Bingo rooms they choose to join are affiliated with that system.


Expect Thrills

Claire McDaid, Pragmatic Play’s VP of Bingo Operations, gave her opinion on the new function. She began by mentioning that the system was unique in the iGaming industry because of its exclusivity.


She continued by saying she has little doubt that Drop Pots will be successful in the expanding online Bingo market, especially given the size of the guaranteed Maxi prize.


It remains to be seen how the online Bingo Canada community reacts, but the avid player will likely jump at the chance to give it a shot.






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