The Amazon Firestick developed by Amazon which uses Advanced Streaming and Prediction. It is used to predict contents to watch and to pre-buffer it in the background. During testing, it works well. ASAP not tend to kick if you flutter between different films or shows. Fire Stick is a media streamer, and it has an HDMI connection and micro USB port at extreme ends. Fire Stick setup has Amazon Fire Stick and remote, power adapter, two batteries, and HDMI extender. It is a very user-friendly device. It comes in two generations namely first and second generations.


Here let us see the issues that occur when the Amazon Fire Stick is running slow and how to fix the issues.


There are two reasons why the your FireStick is running slow.They are

1 ) Cache Problem.

2 ) Internet Connection Problem.

The above are the two major problems that make amazon firestick to run slowly.


To fix the problem,try to delete your cache by going into the System > Maintenance section.


To fix the problem, on your pc, go to http://www.speedtest.net and run a test by clicking on GO button. To get a comfortable experience while using your firestick, your download speed should be minimum of 5 Mbps to 7 Mbps. I recommend you to have over 15 Mbps for the best experience. 


If you think there is no improvement in your firestick speed and still running slowly, restart your wireless router and Kodi device or your firestick. Follow the steps, Unplug router > wait for 10 seconds > plug it to reset your wireless router.We can restart the kodi firestick by holding down the Play/Pause and selection button at a time. Else try to move the Kodi firestick closer to your wireless router or try to connect it with a LAN cable. After that, if you have a problem, try moving Kodi Fire Stick much closer to Wi-Fi router.

Also try : Fix Openload pair guide.


While watching an HD movie, Kodi Fire Stick gives a popup message saying that “Buffer full.”

With the growing popularity and addiction for streaming movies, the streaming links and sources accessible through Kodi will have become less reliable and saturated due to high usage and demand from the audience. There are many causes for FireStick buffering issue that is increasing the kodi popularity and unreliable movie links.

  • First,install stock FireTV app.Then again verify weather your FireStick still has the buffering issue or not.
  • Move your Fire Stick far away from your Television. Because some TVs cause RF interference which will surely interfere with the Wi-Fi signal and it causes Fire Stick to buffer unnecessarily.To avoid this get a high-speed HDMI Extension Cable.


  • Try to use an initial 2 Amp Samsung or any other Micro USB power supply. So that you can have a much better performance from the side of power supply.
  • We recommend you not to use any type of quick charge cable.It may damage Kodi Fire Stick.
  • Another common cause for buffering is,the device you are using might not have that much power to process the stream and download the data.It occurs when using low-powered devices.To get rid of this, try to get a higher-power supported device.
  • With Navi-X, we can eliminate Fire Stick buffering issues by downloading the video completely before we watch it.


Sometimes the bandwidth problem may raise from your Internet service provider’s side.Some of the ISP’s limit your speed before complete usage of the speed limit .It is also one of the reason for causing unnecessary Kodi buffering. Use a VPN to bring your streaming activity without buffering.

To fix this, use a secure service like IPVanish to hide your streaming activity.


If you have Fire Stick buffering problems while playing videos from the local network, try to use NFS file sharing in place of of SMB file sharing. Else try network attached storage (NAS) drive which links your network and allows all connected devices to get accessed your video files.

Getting Windows Ready Stuck, Don’t Turn Off Your Computer

Have You ever been confronted the problem of “Getting Windows Ready Stuck, So if yes, Just Don’t turn off your computer”? Well, If i want to say, this is not the exact problem, But its true at some of the times, as it could be very difficult to face the same problem for so long time, Back to Back. Really i often get across with those kind of people, who are facing the same kind of problem. So, How do you feel and react, when the same thing happens with you like, the computer tells you not to turn off your computer and yet got stuck with the same screen for so long time. This is something really which make us annoyed and unparalleled things, when you have something that you need to really work on.

My Screen Stuck to Getting Windows Ready

Even i have Confronted the same issue, just like while taking an update on my Windows 10. It really annoyed me by getting stuck nearly for more than two hours. Well, As you know, when you are on that particular screen it really an immediate task. As usual, you need to get it done. As always we keep our clam to wait for some more time, but that some time will take our patience for granted and it will prolong the same for 7 to 10 hours or more than that. Which is very unfair and unbearable. As we are human beings, we may somehow manage to wait for a couple of hours but not long as it takes, Because we are not Robots.

So, Here arises the question, So now what is the solution to it. Should we need to keep waiting or else we need to take the certain action. So here are some of the methods, which you can opt for to solve your problems of “Getting Windows Ready Stuck, Don’t Turn OFF Your Computer”. Now here let us come to an understanding that shutting down your computer is not the point. The reason so clear, as your computer is working on writing and modifying data on your computer drive. Sometimes, When you turn off your computer in the middle there are many fair chances to get some of your data destroyed or it may also be corrupted. So you need to have one thing in mind that, it is very important to make your computer to remain active as always and to work in a very good condition.

Trust me, that’s the reason it is always advisable to opt for your feasible time for updating your windows, As the same windows may ask you for that. Now just select a  appropriate  time when you are not getting into something which is very urgent that you need to get it done on your PC which means that on your chill time. At least by making such type of activities will not make you freak you out due for so long hours, taken. And also before that you can start your upgrading process and just make sure that your laptop does not going to the sleep mode while it is plugged in. Now you can do the following things in your Laptop or Windows 10,

Just Go To Settings > System > Power & Sleep > Find a drop-down menu “when plugged in, turn off after”> Check “Never” in the setting.

Solution to “Getting Windows Ready Stuck, Don’t Turn off your Computer

Even after taking all these measures you may also stuck with the same problem like your screen struck of “Getting Windows Ready Stuck” then there is no choice, Here you need to wait. But all the question still arises for how long we need to.

In this type of event, let’s say you have been for more than 60 minutes, which definitely sucks your mood and makes you get frustrated but yet you need to give a chance to sit for the longer time. As my per my knowledge every knows that, like turning off the PC while windows update, can may cause a great loss of data corruption which may prompt unrecoverable information which you need the most. If someone is that intelligent he may manage in this way by just leaving the PC on overnight to get updated. and even thereafter if the page is stuck with it then it is for sure that the there is like no data writing is in an active mode and it’s like by turning of your computer will not result in any file corruption. However just wait and see whether your PC is getting unfreeze on its own, or not , So it’s like sometimes you need to face that. so just give some time to it, but even after 4 to 5 hours time the screen still may remains as it is. This shows that there is no writing going on HDD of your PC and now it’s time to turn off your computer. for sure you will be at minimum risk of losing any data. For sure you will take a deep breathe here.

In this event that your PC has been on that screen for a considerable lengths of time, or it’s like here you require it RIGHT NOW, at that point proceed.  Now the most urgent outcome conceivable, if you degenerate a few information. If you are closing down the screen for lot of times, and once if you are in the need of your data recovery disk. then yes, data corruption is possible yet in some bleak chances so here are the most cramped to the OS.2

In this event for sure you will be experiencing the OS corruption, So here i would like to suggest thrifty the critical information on another PC, through the exchanging the hard crash into that PC unknowingly, and from there after that reinstalling. So just keep your fingers crossed not to get into that sort of situations.

Now here i would like share one thing, it’s like a have seen an collaborator unplugging his PC on the grounds that an OS update was “taking too long time” it’s like more that (Half n Hour) and his OS establishment has being totally unrecoverable.

If your screen is getting frozen, then too you can still wait for a day at least; Well this all are my suggestions. and taking wise decision too unless you have got nothing urgent to do. Again it would be, at the same screen just turn off your PC and just see. if your computer is getting rebooted or not, then nothing like it. Now from here just go to the software distribution folder and then just reset the Cat root 2 folder and now it’s time to run again the windows update.

So However, if in case it doesn’t restart; so in such type of cases just go to the reinstall Windows 10. You may here again use the windows upgrade Assistant or go for Media Creation Tool. So Always select “Keep personal Files & Data” option there while going for Windows upgrade.

So, In this way you will definitely get your resolution to “Getting Windows ready Stuck, So ever never Don’t Turn Off Your Computer.”

10+ Apps Like for TuTuapp for Android and Ios {Tutu App Alternatives}

Same apps as like Tutuapp: Always one thing especially persistent in this world,  and it is the drastic of “Changes” without any doubt. This is the only why exactly world is changing so fast. rather is prospering so very fast. with the exclusive various changes, the changes in the technology are more constant as before and also more intensifying Now a days people are so fast that we can’t even think that they’ve done it. they can do everything in this world from their basic mobile phones without worrying about anything else in this world. 

This only just because of the development of the technology and the different and various apps that are available to the peps of course. The apps or most probably called as the applications in anyone’s phone allow them to complete the most and valuable things in their lives. You can also try these Tutuapp surrogate for Android and IOS . Now as simply this apps can be downloaded from the app stores  and the most of the app store that is used by everyone in the Google Play store. https://tutuapppokemongo.com

There is one drawback from Google play store, is that people often dislikes it. The only problem is that it has got few paid applications in it that they came across with.  Nobody wants to pay for the apps and purchase them of course. Because most of them can’t afford.

This will always  make an impact on the user, so they always for the other alternatives, and yes of course they do have an alternative for that without any stress or problem. And yes that is nothing but called Tutuapp and the apps like Tutuapp for pc.

What is TutuApp?

This one specific app store that is created by the chinese developers for the advancement of the people in so many ways. This app store is of the special app store outside regular chinese app stores. It can be named as the most Coolest app store alternative for any other app stores available.

This can be also called as the Players’s paradise. This is a gate way to get through many other game applications from this one particular store. There are many other Apps like Tutuapp.

TutuApp Alternatives {Top Apps Like TutuApp} :

The following is the list of the other six alternative app stores that people will come across in there daily life with and also feel about at the same time:

Amazon App Store:


Now there is almost know one in the world who doesn’t have any idea about the company called Amazon, and how big it is that. Amazon is a huge online store and it is also into various things in the market. and this is one specialty that it couldn’t leave to be. People can be expect a lot more advantages and joy by saving the time from Amazon App store without any doubt.

The first and the main thing is that people can trust it without any doubt. The apps this are very extraordinarily well organized, and for sure there is no way that one get confused by using these app. It is one of those apps like tutuapp that everybody will love to use.

Getjar :


This is now again one of those famous apps like tutuapp minecraft pe. It can be called as one of the oldest available and people who may have or used the Symbian version OS will not be a stranger to the same. There are lot more other applications like this can come around with in here for sure.

Also, this one particular store can be called as one of the best and most well ordered platforms. among this, there is one advantage for sure to all the users of older Android APIs, and that is this store will contain various versions of the apps for them easily available. Trying this one particular app store is one of the most evocative of course for sure.

Mobogenie Market :

This is now again called as the most and the best famous  apps stores that always one can come across with. Apart from that one fact it is the most trust able people can also get through with the best apps from this and also many more numbers.
The well organised display of the apps is for sure one thing is that straightforwardly cannot be ruled out whereas the availabilty of the so many other apps makes it is an quite an other alternative to the play store for sure. Now this one particular app is one among the apps like Tutuapp  that can be called as quite good. This one should be must try for the one who is looking for an alternative.

Opera Mobile Store :

Similar-App-Like-Tutuapp-Opera Mobile-Store

This is the one thing that no can be a stranger to. The opera in one of the most trust able and reliable and know for the search engines available to the many people. This also contains the other list of apps in it’s store that shouldn’t surprise for the people. and for sure of course, the original nature of the app store is that one thing that cannot be regulate out anytime soon.

Now people can get this apps in most available formats, and they can also download them very easily without much agitation. people will aslo get the best results just beacuse of it’s Immenses availability and popularity.

APK Mirror :


Now for sure this is one of those app that hardly needs a description. This one particular app store can be named as the free apps pardise. Not one single app is for payable in this app store that can be found here. with this one particular option, people can, of course, fortify that fact that they will be able to download any other apps they may be looking for without having to break a sweat.

Now this though simply available in the form of an website of course,  and people can get the best results by using the same. with this one particular app store, people will not face any problem for sure by access as well.

SlideMe :



Now this is one the apps like tutuapp that always the people in getting through the variety of various apps very easily. and also very ease to acess this particular app store is for sure one of the best that people can come aound for sure. people will also have that high expectations that range of apps available here are many.

This is what excatly why people can come across a lot of payable as well  as the free apps from here. This app store is well available for Android and IOS extremely usable. without any doubt at all. people will never face any problem they can get it any day get their hands on the best and most used used apps by any user because of this one particular app.

A few more Like Tutuapp Alternatives :


The Main advantages of Tutuapp:

This one particular app store is, of course, free and now people can have all the advantages of it all the same time. Now this app is also well available for all the Android users,and also people can easily through most famous apps like tutuapp for Android.

Now don’t worry this app is also available for the IOS users, And also there are other IOS Tutuapp. One of the distinctive qualities about this app store is that it has the most famous and the most used app which is used by the most of the people on this world is nothing but called as the Pokemon GO. which doesn’t need any movement to one place to another place rather that the couch you sit.

People will catach a lot of pokemon’s from wherever they are. Also people do not have shack a bit of money for the purchase of these gaming apps.

Now People Can also use this type of apps like tutuapp for Pokemon go, But thease type of apps are very rare to find.

As we already mentioned that how ever there are few other app stores as well, searching them and gaining about the same will be helpful as when it comes to finding an alternative to the Tutuapp.

Ending it up

By using apps like Tutuapp for IOS and Anroid is especially necessary if people want to get through with few more other apps for free. This might be only the possible reason why understanding that what these apps are excatly and how so easily they can be used is some research that people should do.

Now the following Video shows some of the Top alternatives to Tutuapp.

Now this particular has proved that, with the six best alternative for the Tutuapp where that people can use and get the best of the best from. If you come across some other apps like Tutuapp, You can mention down in the comment section.

Game Guardian iOS

The page is exclusively meant for the people are trying to install the Game Guardian into iOS devices. We are providing the instruction to download and install Game Guardian which is essentially the innovation of the entire game. Firstly, the application is not working on iOS 6 and seven devices, and there is no need of trying to do so.

There are the two ways to install the Game Guardian on iOS devices, and the first is one of the proper download method and the second unofficial repository method. Both the methods are working very much fine, and the people are enjoying the values of modifying the application on their phones.


Game Guardian are spending months trying to play all the stages of the game, and you don’t want to spend your money to get the very best stage, then the Game modding is one of the best options for you. You can get the mod of any game to earn the unlimited coins, gems or anything in the match. There are many modding apps available for the Smartphone devices. In this article, we are going to talk about the modding on iOS devices. The many modding apps are available for the iOS devices like Game killer, Game Guardian iOS and much more and now we are going to talk about the iGame Guardian iOS app.

Game Guardian apk is the modding app for the iOS devices which allows you mod any of your favorite games for free. Now you can earn the unlimited coins, gems, points, different avatars with the help of Game Guardian app. You did not want to spend months trying to explain the stages to get to enjoy the last scene. The every paid facility of the game is one click away. The Game Guardian is one of the best modding apps which is available for the iOS users. It is popular among the iOS users. The Game Guardian iOS is required the Cydia package manager to install it on your device.

The games like Doctor driving, Temple Run, Subway Surfers, Ninja run, Hill climb racing and Asphalt 8 can be easily modded with the help of Game Guardian app. You can get banned if you try to mod the online games like Clash of Clans. You can get any level of any game with the help of Game Guardian. In this article, we are going to talk about how can you download and install Game Guardian iOS app on your iPhone device.

Features of Game Guardian

  • Data save the function to save the values.
  • Multiple tabs and the windows support for multitasking.
  • Support for int8, int32, and float32 data formats.
  • Change the process name: helps in the remaining unnoticed.
  • Sort function: sort by the name and sort by address.
  • Bias feature: add an offset to all the addresses in the saved list, which you will need to save the file to use this function.

Download Game Guardian for iOS

We are suggest you to use the Cydia Package manager to install the Game Guardian app on your iPhone device. The Game Guardian app supports the iOS version 5.0 and later. Just follow the procedure below to install the Game Guardian on the iPhone device.

You have to install the Cydia on your iOS device. You can install the Cydia package manager after the jailbreaking your iOS device. The Cydia package manager allows you to install all the modding application on your iOS device for free.

The most commonly used methods to install the Game Guardian iOS which is also known as the Game Guardian. As the tagline game suggests Play Games on your way. The Application is primarily designed for the people to edit the values and play the games as they should.

The iGame Guardian is the hacking modification tool for the iOS devices. The Android version of this tool is popularly known as the Game Guardian APK. With the help of this tool, which you can easily modify the values of money, coins, HP, SP and the everything or the anything which could be the possible in any game. One is no longer to run on the command of the game in order to use it.

  • Open the Cydia app on your iOS device.
  • Go to the sources and select the Big Boss repo.
  • Now search for the Game Guardian App. Start to download the Game Guardian app and install it on your iOS device.
  • For launch this application click on the Game Guardian icon.

The Game Guardian app for iPhone gets the updates regularly. The Game Guardian iOS modding app will be allowed you to mod all the games for free. Enjoy the modding, all of your favorite game with Game Guardian.

Install the Game Guardian iOS

  • Download the file for the iOS devices from the official website. This file will work only on the iOS devices.
  • Copy and download the file in directory/var/root/Media/Cydia/AutoInstall of your jailbreak iOS
  • Reboot your device, and it will be installed automatically. You don’t need to do anything.
  • After the first reboot, then reboot it again to take the new configuration.


The Game Guardian is one of the best tools to get the mod version of any game. The mod version of some games provides you the unlimited coins, gems, points with the help of Game Guardian.

I hope after reading this article you will get all the information regarding the Game Guardian. In this article, we provide you all the information about Game Guardian, how to install the Game Guardian and the feature of this app. If still, you have any query, then comment in the comment box which is available at the end of the page.  

Terraria APK Full Download

Terraria App is one of the awesome adventurous game developers under the banner of the 505 game SRL. The game is very straight forward which you should fight and explore your surroundings. You will find the so many other millions of Terraria Apk while researching. It will also do removal to find the wealth. The game may look like the Minecraft to play. The game is all about to go deeper and deeper and collect the more rewards. The story of the game is fascinating, and the graphics will captivate everyone. The game designer took the particular interest in designing the day and night artwork and the other weapons to keep the game alive.

The Terraria is the sandbox 2D game with the gameplay and the land of adventure, building, revolves around exploration and combat. The players start the game in the procedurally generated world, and they will get the three necessary tools: the pickaxe for the mining, axe for woodcutting. When the mining or the exploring underground caves, then you will find the many resources and the notably metal and these items will be accumulated on the base of the limited amount of health and the magic point. The player will use this resource he got to craft the new items and equipment he needs.

In the Terraria in this adventurous world, then you will meet the many different enemies, demon eyes, various region-specific enemies,  such as Zombies and simple smiles. In this case, you could use your weapons, guns, magic spells and swords. If the boss monster was defeated, then you will receive one of the rare items and a large amount of in game currency and often get progress.

In this game, there are many non-player characters such as the merchant, wizard, and nurse and they have built the room. If you are completing some specific goals, then you could attract those NPCs and occupy the structure or places. You will find some NPCs when you explore the world; then they will leave your house. Sometimes you can trade with them and use the coins to buy items or sell the items to get the coins. The coins can be obtained by finding treasure, items for sale to NPCs and slaying monsters.

Features of Terraria Apk

  • In this game, you can find more than the 200 recipes of the excellent crafting for the creation of war weapons and armors.
  • More than the 12 different types of environments were designed.
  • The designer took particular interest to create everything in the game.
  • More than the 75 types of the different monster were designed for the look.
  • Almost 25 types of the blocks were designed for the different construction which we are going to see in this game.
  • Random change of the daytime with lighting and the environments in the match can be attended at the event.
  • 5 huge bosses
  • More than the 10 characters in the game can select in your team.
  • Easy and great control system
  • Offline mode can be implemented
  • The water and the lava will change randomly from time to time.
  • Google Play Game services.

Download and Installation process of Terraria APK for Android

  • Download the terraria app from the official website.
  • If you are downloading the file from your PC, then after downloading the file, transfer the file to your mobile by using the data cable.
  • Delete the cached file from your Android mobile. It will keep your device faster.
  • Move the file image in your app drawer and look for the downloaded app.
  • Run the application on your Android device.
  • Wait till the complete downloading of the archive.
  • After the downloading of the file, restart your Android device.
  • Click on the game icon and enjoy this fantastic match.

Terrari Apk Full Review

The Terrari is the adventure game which is created under the banner of 505 Games Srl. The Srl developers have been declared as the Top Developers by Google Play.

The game is straightforward as you have the Fight, Build, Dig and Explore. Now you are going to join the community of the millions of Terrarians. There was the argument about this game that it is similar to Minecraft, but this game proved to be much different from it. It has many differences regarding the storyline, combat and the most important moment of discoveries. The game contains the unique world which is different from one another, for the example you can play in the floating islands and also in the deepest ground of the earth. The whole world is considered as the canvas, and you will fight the villainy of different creatures. The whole game has the various features such as you get the almost 1250+ buildings/crafting recipes. There are also 150+ horrific bosses to beat. To build anything you have the 50+ different types of the blocks. Explore the full land, and the environment involve over a dozen worlds. Also, the graphical details are awesome, and you will get the proper day/night cycles.

Terraria App Supported Android Versions :

  • Gingerbread
  • Honeycomb
  • Ice Cream Sandwich
  • Jelly Bean
  • KitKat
  • Lollipop
  • Android Marshmallow

Essential Information about this Terraria Game

  • Game name: com. and .games505
  • 2.12785-12785_Android-4.0.3.APK
  • Version: 1.2.12785 (12785)
  • Uploaded Date: April 4, 2017
  • File size: 49.41MB Approximately (51,809,709 bytes) may vary from version to version
  • Minimum Android version: Android 4.0.3+ (Ice Cream Sandwich, API 15)


I hope after reading this article, you will collect all the information about Terraria. The Terraria is an adventure game which is developed by the 505 Games Srl. The Terraria is one of the highest rated game in the Google Play Store. If still, you have any query then comment on the comment box which is available at the end of the page.