How To Play Dream League Soccer Game On Android

It‘s said experience is the biggest teacher in life as everyone has her or his own unique experience which can only be learned in an empirical way .Sports teaches us a lot about life and provides immensely good experience to face life .And one such sport is FOOTBALL which appeals to all age groups but dominates in the interest of the youngsters of today. In this 21st  century one thing which  basically constitutes our life which is none other than the TECHNOLOGY .Now, just imagine a fusion between a highly popular ,widely accepted game     “THE GAME OF FOOTBALL “ and the highly important and  very useful , the oxygen of our daily life    “TECHNOLOGY ”……..YES!!!  This deadly combo forms the “DREAM LEAGUE SOCCER “.

Dream league soccer is a nexus between technology and soccer or rather to say technology based soccer video game developed by First Touch Games for iOS and android. It was released on 25 February 2016   for iOS and April 9 for android users. The video game is a both single player and multi – player game .The cover of the Dream League Soccer features DIEGO COSTA (a Chelsea forward) and AARON RAMSEY (Arsenal mid-fielder).It is the only game outside the FIFA series which has the FIFPro (International Federation of Professional Footballers) license to use official player names and faces in the game .This game provides you to build your own team from scratch, hire your own players and compete in football games.  The game lets you recruit real FIFPro players to build your own team; you can name, upgrade and edit your own stadium and battle with the other teams with Dream League online.


Dreams League Soccer or DLS as it is widely known is developed by First Touch Games .First Touch Games is an independent studio which develops sports games across various platforms .They are known for their other soccer or football related games such as Score! Score! Hero, First Touch Soccer 2015 and of course also the developers of highly and widely popular DLS.The first game was released on May 6,2011 since then First Touch Games have achieved many milestones with the creation of two parts of DLS .DLS 2016 : The first part of Dream League Soccer and updating it to provide DLS 2017 :the second part of Dream League Soccer and even creating 512*512 kit for the game on their website to provide a more profound and realistic experience of playing game.

Dream League Soccer as a game makes you manager of your own team, this team is basically called Dream FC or Dream Football Club and it provides control over the players to you at the time of the real game. The next feature of the game allows you to sign up or hire your players on the fixed value of coins from the transfer market and the quality of the coins chosen depends on the quality of the player within a set range.  Now, the question arises how do you accumulate the coins and that can be done by playing matches, watching an ad or completing the prescribed achievements.

How To Play Dream League Soccer Game

The game is started by choosing a player of the team from a list of 20 players or the other option is to choose any player having overall rating within the range of 60 to 85.The captain is selected now comes the selection of players which is done by filling their positions with the random players from the database of the game and you can start playing in Division 3. As a player you get to compete with all the 16 Teams present in the League in a single season. These 16 teams are present in all divisions of the game (Division 3, 2, 1 and the Elite division). All those teams which top in the points table get an upper hand over other teams and move up to the next level at the time of termination of the season. Other than the normal competitions there is also an extra competition provided throughout the season the Global Challenge Cup (GC Cup) which provides the extraordinary opportunity of randomly matching all the teams against each other .Global Challenge or CG Cup is a single – legged playoff competitions.

All those teams which are successfully able to win in Elite Division are promoted to the next level “INTERNATIONAL CUP”. The International Cup provides an opportunity to the player (as a team manager) to compete with the international teams of the present scenario such as the Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Germany etc.

If you win the International Cup you are selected for the next level that is the All –Star Cup. If you lose at any level you are facilitated to play against any random team a friendly game and if you win you can start with a new season of Elite Division. Now the most exciting part of the league the All – Star Cup which includes playing with the “CLASSIC TEAMS” throughout the history! The historic teams includes Man U 1999,60s /70s/80s/ All stars ,Spanish League All-Stars Brazil 1970 and many other amazing teams .If any player wants to play more ,feel more excited , enjoy more of DLS  and the player has won the All Star Cup and the player can match up against First Touch United .

First Touch United team is a concept of brains behind the DLS that is to make an imaginary or fictions team created by the First Touch Games the developers of the Dream League Soccer. The players of the First United Team are named after the team – members of First United Games. As it is the epitome of the game all the player have a rating of 90 or even higher.Eventhough the First United Team is the best team due to DLS biggest update in the game in 2016 the team which defeated the First United Team could play with it! This was basically done by a genius manager who got this amazing idea of   genetically matching the players against themselves .This match is a tough nut to crack and very difficult and it basically depends on the skill of the player and not the players hired by  the player.

Dream League Soccer got updated only after one year of its coming it got mixed review after getting updated from Dream League Soccer 16 to Dream League Soccer 17.Most of the experts felt that it failed to focus on the minute details especially the graphics of the game as the faces of the players in reality and the game looked nothing same .You also don’t get an opportunity to play in any different stadium but only in the circular shaped stadium which is made by you. But, as a player if don’t focus on the minor details then the fact that you get to play with the real players would be enough to excite you. It also looks more realistic and gives the feeling of realism as compared to other football games .Dream League Soccer or DLS also facilitates modifying the period of the game and play up to ten minutes whereas even a game like FIFA which has such a wide appeal only allows you to play for six minutes.  Dream League Soccer not only allows you to choose players but provides to prepare your team the way you want from the very scratch or beginning .Any time during the League you can change the team kit, color of the players’ boots team name, logo of the team and customize your team as per your wish. The Dream League Soccer offers various cameras modes and even auto replay options but it misses the target when it comes to the widely known and highly popular the mode of broadcast camera.Unlesss or until you are not playing the online Dream League Soccer Online League or accessing the coins you can continue to play offline without any problem .The Transfer Window where you buy or sign up  for the new players it works offline as well! Dream League Soccer 2017 is just the game which anybody can play and you don’t need to be a highly skilled football player or know the technicalities. What makes Dream League Soccer as the most favorable as compared to other games is the fact that it can be accessed offline, can easily work without any high end spec and can be installed only in 362 MB.

Dream League Soccer is the best interpretation of “THE FOOTBALL GAME “,#themostloved game,#themostwatchedgame and #themosttalkedabtgame.Basically this game provides  you with a world class experience of being a team manager  ,putting up the best team ,hiring the players and playing with music which provides with adrenaline rush as if you are part of the game .  Ofcourse ,there are various other games such as this but no other game can be accessed like how this game can be accessed offline. So, the next time you feel lazy to go really for a football match try out DLS and pursue your passion of game easily.

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