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 With the coming of the 21st century, a lot of changes have been witnessed across the world. Be it in the way we think, talk or even eat, these changes have influenced our lives for the better, especially with the help of the ever-growing changes in the use of technology. One aspect of our lives which technology has affected is education. And with the Eckovation App, gone are those days when textbooks and chalkboards were used by schools all over India to teach students the fundamentals about the subjects they would study.

For those who aren’t aware as to what the app is, Eckovation app is a social learning platform used by schools, coaching institutions and universities across India. Eckovation app allows teachers to send notifications to their student group, coaching institutions to facilitate virtual learning sessions, and Universities to form learning communities based on course content or extra-curricular interests. The platform is used by 100,000 students and is active across all states in India.


Education today is a blend of both knowledge and technology. However, like always, it has been difficult for the faculties to complete the entire syllabus in everyday’s just 45 minute session. And with digitals around, most of the time is now spent in just flashing slides and repeating what’s inside, thereby leaving no time for proper discussions. Also, there is lack of direct communication between parents and teachers, leading to incomplete information regarding their ward’s progress, daily assignments and upcoming examinations. If talked about rural areas, than even today many students have to discontinue their studies because of the distances they need to travel daily and other infrastructure issues.

In order to sort this out, IIT Delhi Duo, Ritesh Singh and Akshat Goel came up with Eckovation– an Android based Social Learning Platform collaborating students, peers, teachers and parents. With a team of five, the founders aim to be a confluence point of various ideas by all the stakeholders involved in the teaching and attainment of knowledge process.

“We certainly dream that a day would come where even the child in remotest corner of Manipur to Kashmir to Kanyakumari would be connected on our platform sharing knowledge and stay connected. Teachers from all over the country could interact with fellow members, learn new methodologies and grow in the manner.” (As mentioned on their blog)

Eckovation, as mentioned above, was cofounded in 2015 by IIT Delhi classmates Ritesh Singh and Akshat Goel. After graduating from IIT Delhi in 2012, Ritesh worked for Bosch as a senior engineer where he had two patent applications, and was awarded ‘Employee of the Year’. Akshat was with DeNA in Tokyo, Japan, where he worked on machine learning, and crunched terabytes of data generated every day by the Mobage gaming platform used in games such as ‘Final Fantasy Record Keeper’. While at IIT, Ritesh started SARAS (Society for Advancement of Research in Arts and Science) in 2011. SARAS was aimed at spreading educational audio-visual content from premier institutions among the students at second and third tier Indian cities. The startup failed, but it led to the realization that localized content generation, peer support network and bottoms up approach are key to success in improving quality of education. In 2015, Ritesh and Akshat cofounded Eckovation app to bridge the gap between teachers with quality content generated to suit the local needs and students in need of guidance and access to educational material.

With such a considerate vision in mind, the cofounders of Eckovation app bring to you a free and secure platform where students, teachers and parents can connect and collaborate from anywhere, anytime. Manage your academics, clarify doubts and interact with fellow members in specially designed groups. Share photos, audio files and text on the group and get connected. Taking learning beyond the classrooms, teachers can send reminders, assignments or motivational messages directly to students and parent’s accounts. We recognize that teachers are a busy lot, however they can send personalized messages to parents and students. How the Eckovation app works is really simple:

1. Create your account to connect with teachers and your wards.
2. Get constant report of your wards progress.
3. Be informed about upcoming quizzes, assignments and exams.
4. Save your time by connecting with teachers in real time.


1. Create your account and form a class group.
2. Upload assignments, projects and important instructions.
3. Real time clarification of doubts and connect with parents.
4. Track daily assessments easily and efficiently.


1. Create your personalized student profile.
2. Join your class group to connect with other members.
3. Stay connected and be aware about the assignments and projects.

Eckovation’s vision is in line with Digital India and DigiGaon program of Indian government to ensure quality education for all.

Eckovation has been fulfilling the need of attaining quality mentorship and guidance in education – both motivational and subject related across all 29 states of India. The platform has more than 100,000 users as of July 2016. Ritesh Singh, CEO at Eckovation was recognized with the ‘Impact Entrepreneurs and Change-makers 2016’ award for outstanding work in the field of education. Eckovation was also accredited the ‘App of the Day’ recognition by Navbharat Times on May 4, 2016. Navbharat Times is a part of India’s largest publishing group – Bennett Coleman & Co. Ltd. Eckovation is the first education-technology app to have been bestowed with this recognition.

The team is currently looking actively to raise funds. The app will be monetized by enabling payments on the platform which is scheduled for next release. “We are not expecting upfront change in the user behavior. Initially, it will supplement the conventional payment systems.” As far the usage of Debit/Credit cards is concerned for rural areas, the founders are pretty confident that like all other electronic payment methods, their adoption will increase too.

As claimed by the founders, the app can also work on slow internet connections. Later, there are plans to add textbooks of different classes from schools all over the world to the app.

The startup currently competes with other startups in the domain such as Knit and Flinnt, However, Eckovation boasts over equal range of downloads as compared to its competitors in just 1.5 months of its operations. The founders claim that they have a more versatile platform which allows users to have complete privacy. A single account (which is uniquely identified by a mobile number), can have multiple profiles. Some more key features of the app are as follows:

1. Strict privacy policy – Nobody can see anybody else’s number except the admin
2. One-way mode to broadcast announcements and two-way chat feature to engage in discussions
3. Multiple profiles – You can join as a teacher, parent and a student from the same app
4. Any number of members can be added – You can add as many new members as you may want

Talking about its market opportunity, as per Akshat, “classroom communication” with mobile app, is still a developing market in India, with a lot of potential ready to be tapped. “We at Eckovation, are not just looking at the Indian market, but at the global scale. Every classroom out there around the world, can benefit from Eckovation! And in a larger context in near future, every learner will benefit from Eckovation,” he added.

The online education market in India is expected to grow at a CAGR of 17.50 percent over the period 2014-2019 and is expected to reach US$10.30 billion by 2019. E-education, at present is one of the fastest growing segments in India. And more promising niche here is M-education, i.e. mobile app learning. There has been a 217% Y-o-Y increase in the usage of education apps by Indian students. Also, it has been seen that even the primary kids are spending 32% more time studying online.

To conclude with the words of Nelson Mandela on how education is the most powerful weapon to change the world, the Eckovation app does no less by promoting collaborative education across schools all over India.

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